Everyone has to adjust, every day, to the language of the computer business.

I’m not talking about machine language, but the lingo that the whole thing produces and uses on the screen, both when it comes to vocabulary, concepts and ways of thinking.

It probably happens in many ways, many different things are hitting us.

Still, my Mac is one piece of metal lying in my lap or sitting at a table, and it very often speaks to me in ways that contradict or even crash ways of thinking I learnt at school.

The world is moving, you say?

I wonder how much is necessary and useful.

We should anyway always discuss how it is moving.

The thing on my table is supposed to ease and enable communication.

But in my opinion, the computer world itself has a lot of trouble communicating with the rest of us, the computer users who belong in other professions.

It seems to have no trouble in finding its way both to our desks and into our minds, but everybody have diffuculties understanding what it says, how it actually works.

Information is closely related to knowledge.

Knowledge has a history.

The history of education, actually, and the history even of other things, other human ways of thinking.

But also through education of all kinds, also theoretical, philosophy, math, sociology, whatever.

Also, of course, one should not forget the knowledge which exists outside of theoretical schooling.

Since everybody actually has the possibility of taking part in today’s discussions, everybody should be enabled to be part of this, through education, whether it is formal or not does not matter.

I know, it’s quite a task, but can you see another way forward?

This means, among other things, that there has to exist a language which relate to and is understood by all groups, and preferrably without destroying both discussions of professional character and the rest. Both insider discussions among professionals and discussions more like pub conversations have always existed, but now they’re suddenly on the same table, the same screen, in the same stream or picture, more or less.

This is also…a challenge.

But the computer guys are putting a number of things in the mist.

They have their own terms, their own ways of thinking.

This is normal for any field.

But not normal…is that one field takes control over communication to the extent that is happening today.

A lot of everyday words are suddenly given completely new meanings, often meanings that has more or less nothing to do with the original meaning or usage.

I have nothing against nerdy humour, but I believe even this insider humour is introduced into the language and the ways of thinking which we all have to relate to.

I find this provoking as long as it creates clouds where there should be clarity.

The whole field has been given too much power, over definitions and other things.

It is not simply a matter of a new field of knowledge entering the scene.

Information is not new, yet suddenly we accept the business’ or computer specialists’ own way of understanding this concept, and in ways that often break old ways of thinking.

It goes into practice too, work life.

Teaching is profoundly affected, at least here in Norway this development is strongly pushed, promoted, by the authorities, the computerization of administration for teachers, homeworks for students and everything else is more and more done through the screen.

It is sort of an advantage right now because it has enabled a special way of home education for students and kids, but in general I feel it is also another of the numerous ways that business life invades every part of society with their own habits and ways of thinking, and in this particular case not to the benefit of those affected.

At least not necessarily so.

I don’t feel that business life in general has the schooling or background necessary to be the backbone of public life, but they take this position to a large extent.

More and more voices, if you just call schools or public offices, make a phone call or write an e-mail, are answered by voices that don’t really belong there, they belong in companies of different sorts.

Maybe there is a conflict between math and natural science on one side and humanities on the other in what I say about language in the computer world. I certainly belong in the humanities.

If this is part of the problem, a balance between them needs to be found, languagewise at least.

There are a lot of other questions which need to be asked, concerning the design of web pages and computer programmes, which also influences the way we think. The visual side of it.

I have said much about this already in the stack of articles about this issue which you can find on this blog, but I think there are still quite a few posts in Norwegian that should be translated.