You know, Don, Palestine…Israel.

It’s something I have not really followed because the opinions, here in Norway even, have been so extreme and tense. I haven’t had the energy.

But I think you must consider the way Israel was established.

You take a people, whose whole history, in Europe, and probably elsewhere, is so full of violence, intolerance, persecution, in general (maybe there are exceptions, Poland, for instance) – but pogrom is what sums up much of it. 

Nazi Germany built on this fantastic tradition of persecuting the others and, in the end, tried to exterminate the whole people, the Jews.

Other European Fascists did the same.

Then you take this people and give them the right to…well, go back to a place where they had been dominant, but like, a thousand years ago or more.

As you can understand I certainly don’t know the details in this, and I am not going to go into discussions about zionism etc.

Certainly not.

But the Jews…don’t you think they were afraid?

Practically the whole of Europe had been involved in…actually killing them.

More or less the whole lot, if those Fascists had won the war.

I think some of them are still afraid. I mean the Jews.

Which is not very strange, because there has been a war there from the beginning.

Which is not strange, because there were people there already, and…we, they, the UN, took their land.

The country is there, you can’t change that.

But I mean, there were already people there.

Basically a people, the Palestinians.

Others too, I guess, but ok.

They call this, at least some of them do, The disaster.

Some people , acually both Jews and Muslims and maybe non-religious people belonging on either side or elsewhere, try to live in peace down there. Make friendships, organise across those…lines.

I actually even know a few.

But what do you do as a politician, in the middle of something like this?

I would at least…be careful.

It doesn’t exactly seem like that…peace plan of yours…

is careful.

A treaty is the result of discussions between the parties involved. 

They negotiate, if you can make them do that, and in the end they agree on something.

That is a peace treaty.

Even this may work or it may not.

Partially, probably, anyway.

You can’t just make one and say, hey guys, here is what you have to do.

And again, my knowledge is not exactly abundant or whatever you call it, but Netanyahu…

He’s not a negotiator, is he?

Pleasant and tolerant, as politicians go?

To just annex a piece of land which has been in the line of conflict all the time, probably since 48…

Whatever more goes on down there…

What I would do…

At least try to make those attempts of friendship across the barbed wire, mental or physical, try to make those attempts…

go on.

Maybe find some more of such things. Initiatives of friendship, peace, between you & me, cultural events, whatever.

Whatever friendship is…

It is not war.

There is no knowing what can come out of it.

What comes out of war…

in this situation, that seems to me very sure,

is more war.

A tighter conflict.

A spiral.

Other than that, I don’t know.