So…this went really wrong for you.

I am a little sorry, for you, personally.

I mean, now you are The Dictator.

Does that feel ok??

I’ve not been looking, really, on what you have been doing and saying, for some weeks.

Today I fell into something, a video published in a Norwegian newspaper.

You kinda look like a preacher on the picture.

When the video starts…

The Dictator comes out.

One year in prison for burning the flag?

I would laugh, but if you have the nerve to do it…

I feel sorry for the people who may end in jail because of politics.

That kind of stuff doesn’t belong in a democracy.

It’s the way dictators behave.

Why did you become a politician?

I agree that the world is a crazy place, but I’m not sure I agree that it is as crazy as you say.

Every politician is not corrupt.

Scientists don’t usually lie about their things.

The climate crisis is real. It comes from wealth, basically, I think that is fair to say.

You think you can buy everything because you have money.

That’s what it looks like.

This is a corrupted view.

Do you consider yourself a mean person?

Many say so.

Remember that there is usually a difference between who you are in private and in public.

At least where I live, this is normally the case, even if not everyone understands it.

What about conscience?

As long as you’re on your way up, you’re part of a system that someone else rules, at least partly.

If there is such a position as one leader of the business world, say in New York or in the States…I don’t know what powers such a person, or persons may have. I’m not talking formal position or positions, just simply real power, who sort of rules the game.

But you’re not in the business world anymore. That is what many politicians these days don’t understand. They go on thinking like businessmen and only that, even if society is a lot more.

I don’t know who your friends are.

But you’ve probably been sitting together, discussing politics, like many men do, and women. I do too.

And now you think you can do whatever you want to do.

Think about that – am I right, or not?

That’s only a small part of your task.

A whole party used to have a position as a representative of a group. That’s in a way selfishness. As long as the poverty were…bigger than today, it was seen as fair to fight for the rights of the many poor, even if it is in a way selfish.

Poverty still exists, sometimes for other reasons than a hundred years ago.

Today the wealth, totally, is bigger than any time on earth, and it seems…just seems to me that your corner of society, big business, is…taking just a little more of the money than you are entitled to.

We can discuss what standards should apply to this, you just think about it.

I am not in favour of totally free enterprise in the sense that whatever business should be allowed to do anything, but I am not a real socialist either, I believe in a mix in which we can discuss how to deal with those things.

The state, all kinds of public offices and organisations, down to schools and similar things, the whole public system, is not made for making money.

It is made for giving services to the people, even the rich.

USA is not exactly known for this. I know there are charities and that the systems, that socity is not directly comparable.

But still.

Everything is no longer completely free here either, so if you live on the street or almost, you may have problems with paying the doctor. But I believe it is still way cheaper than in your country.

We still work.

Black people…they simply want respect.

Don’t you want respect?

So give it first.

That is the only way.

If you believe in your country’s many famous words about freedom…I don’t think there is any other way to real freedom in a relationship between people, two people or how many more you like to think about, than to start the relationship with giving respect some way or another.

Then you can hope to get something back.

The relationship between blacks and whites in your country, and quite a few other countries, started with…slavery.

Real slavery, not just being the slave of system, as the saying goes, and which can be shit.

No, no…

I own you.

You can maybe imagine what attitudes a thing like that creates in the heads of both the slave and the…owner.

I mean…

Do we need to talk about this?

It should be obvious.

Things go in generations, right?

So how many generations beore the descentant of the slave feels free?

How many before the descendant of the…owner feels…equal?

How many systems, in the heads and in real life, have to be changed before people are not only created equal, but treated…fairly equal?

This…is politics, going on right now.

Not business.

So you just consider this.

You put yourself in this position, more or less.

Can you fix the job?

Your work, your lack of work, what you say and don’t say lands more or less on everybody’s lap, in the world.

If this tickles your ego and not makes you feel full of awe, I’d say you’re not where you should be.

In life.

In the world.

Think about it.

You had a few good points, but not really a good plan.

Or am I wrong?