I just pushed «like» on a meme which said ‘People who say «All lives matter» are like people who say «All men are created equal» while owning slaves’.

There is definitely something to it.

But there is a difference for quite a lot of those white people today, I think.

The slave owners were largely rich, I believe, they needed people for their fields etc, and slavery was a cheaper and rotten way out.

All of Trump’s voters can’t be rich, they’re too many, at least what can be seen here is that populism often starts either at the bottom of society or at the bottom of…respect, so to speak.

Today everybody is demanding their freedom, which is great, fantastic, but on the way up from different dark places of suppression there may be old problems coming out and creating new trouble on their way from a latent or hidden existence out into the open.

To feel the need to tread others down I believe it is common to have been trodden down yourself. None of this is nice, but a sorry side of society is that it has had its many different ways of suppressing us, people in many different positions and places, meaning it is sometimes not only a matter of personal choice whether you are mean to others or not, or even let some people make politics out of this, there are patterns in society which create feelings of suppression for groups of people. You still have a choice, you can say, but I feel suspicious sometimes the more the talk goes about choice and responsibility, not to mention guilt.

Suppression traditionally had a lot to do with money, and even if poverty is not yet gone from the world, I believe that for many today the physical lack of money is not the most important part of the liberation which is going on. Things in our minds, the feeling of being badly treated, to become annoyed becaused of others’ words and actions, etc. – are more the words on everybody’s lips, and I believe, the thoughts in many people’s minds.

Everybody want to be treated with respect.

All this is fair, I think, to a certain extent, as far as it is possible and reasonable.

A large part of us has enjoyed respect in many connections already, as a normal thing, which is, of course, one reason that they, we, react to the lack of respect coming from different oppressed groups on their way up and into normal participation in society.  

Or rather, sometimes everybody can’t help being mean, I think…but there are, again, patterns in this. 

Every person has good sides too…

Since everybody asks for respect, one of the challenges today is to give everybody room for themselves, culturally and in other ways, without making too much trouble for any others.

The point is also, which many do not understand, that there are and always were many different cultures in every society, also before «the world became as one». Some get really annoyed because some tread on their holy things or actually make some kind of trouble for them which others can also acknowledge, but some don’t understand the fact that their own needs are not necessarily everybody’s needs.

This makes the equation of equality more complicated, it is not as easy as to define one’s own needs in a general way and spread it out on everybody’s bread. You need to consider the differences in culture and find ways to live together with others. 

The cry for individuality is also important, to be treated as an individual personality and not as a member of a group can also be a way out of oppression. It is typical to coin others as a member of a group, and not always in a positive way.

To treat everyone individually is not possible 100% for any state or public body, I think, but this should also not be used as an excuse for establishing racist or discriminating systems in the social system etc.

To treat everyone with respect is of course also a personal thing, meaning – also – it is possible for a violent system to exercise its powers brutally in a polite way, so that people hardly knows about their own suppression because everyone accepts it.

We just have to keep thinking.

With a heart for others, in general, and not too much selfishness, it is of course easier to be friendly, but I believe there are also sometimes specific needs in all our different cultures which may be supplied by other cultures, that both indvivuals and groups may sometimes fit partly and neatly into each other’s lives as a glove on a hand.

It is only to be creative and go look for possibilities of friendship. I don’t believe in using law-making too much for this end, to me that seems like a coarse means of getting where we want. Better to make room for personal exploration and curiosity, with and without the laws.

Talking to each other in earnest and give the talk and the thinking enough time, also seems the only sensible way of solving problems among us. It takes time to understand each others’ real needs and situation. 

Sometimes what is really unacceptable behaviour to you is actually easy to fix for others, it may sometimes be a trifle, provided that you basically respect him or her and don’t start a discussion with mean words. No one likes that.