This is actually pretty spectacular.

I am not really in love with this type of architecture, but the building was partly a cooperation between Pablo Picasso and Carl Nesjar. The Norwegian government, right now consisting of Conservatives, Liberals and Christian democrats, is cutting the art from…the building, and intend to mount it in a massive construction which is meant to contain more or less the whole government administration in one not very big square.

The argument everywhere these days, here in Oslo, seems to be security, which I find strange in a city where cultural differences seem to find its way mostly to peace and friendship. In everyday life where I live, in the middle of the East End, coexistence is the right description of the situation. There is from time to time problems with some young people, but the feeling for me is that most people want to cooperate, we are not even close to huge conflicts, and there is more than enough public money to solve whatever problems that may occur, if that is what it takes.

I feel that building massive structures to protect us against terrorism is an irrelevant thing to do. Gathering all public offices in one…bunker…I can’t see the point in this either.

This text from the Guardian sums it up a little.