The classical music of Azerbaijan, of which I have heard only a few pieces, is very interesting to me as a European and a Norwegian, not only because of its natural, sometimes gypsy-like beauty and the obvious connection to folk music. Living in the country of Edvard Grieg I am of course well aquainted with this mix.

I also somehow feel that the music solves problems in a romantic idiom on a higher level of emotional tension than I am used to, which makes it…useful sounds stupid, but necessary to me, because normally these problems, themes, issues, would probably be treated and presented in another musical form, another genre.

Amirov is one of the greats of Azerbaijan. He lived from 1922 to 1984, which makes this music a little out of pace with what we normally conceive as the romantic period. This is maybe the reason for what I said above, the interesting treatment of themes I would suspect belonged in a different context.

I know the soloist a little, she lives and works here in Norway.