What is wrong with Trump, politically?

What does he not do right?

Just a few notes right before the American election.

He is not a politician, but the Americans have elected presidents before him who was…kind of crazy. Of course, of politicians there are many types, but there are, I guess, limits somewhere.

He has not grasped the fact that the climate problems exist and are basically manmade. To say “basically” means, as far as I have grasped things, that nature starts to move when someone pushes it. But that someone – that’s us.

His understanding of democracy…this is perhaps an example of it?


What happened with that social unrest, it was basically among blacks, wasn’t it? 

I am sorry, I didn’t follow it closely enough, but it seemed violence was…the answer from him, to a certain extent at least.

He didn’t seem to grasp what that was about, either.

To go to church, pistol in hand, almost…I don’t know if it is worse or better than even considering giving a teacher a gun to handle students.