Mr Donald J. Trump…are you starting a fucking war after all? After having lost the election – don’t try to tell us anything else.

You are supposed to play by the rules…a little more. I know, like many know, that the breaking of rules goes on in many places, in politics and elsewhere. 

But it’s not like you’re supposed to do so as much as you can, to trigger yourself, even, or other…trigger-happy people in your vicinity.

It’s not all your game.

Can you just empty your office, leave quietly and leave us all alone? That is what is expected of you right now. Biden is taking over Jan 1 or something like that, and it is not your job to start WW III, bribe someone or make controversial, big decisions. It’s over, sorry. You did some nice things, I will say that out loud, and you said and did a lot of stupid things, sorry again.

You didn’t quite understand the world or your office, but please don’t mess us all up more.

Thank you.