…to the restaurant initiative.

‘Dear Noel,Thank you for your email.

We are fully aware of the extremely difficult situation for the uteliv branch i Oslo and other places throughout the country. We know that the compansation scheme suggested by the government is inadequate in many ways in the sense that its to rigid and will arbitrarily not capture businesses that are equally deserving of support than the ones that accidently are captured by the scheme.

Additionally we are also not accepting the governments explanation for developing a totally new scheme with a different governmental agency than the agency responseble for the last one, causing payments to be delayed possible to february.

We will propose in parliament that the government immediately broaden the scheme and let the former agency run it so that they can start payments within weeks.

Unfortunately we are outnumbered in parliament, so we have little power to win a majority for our proposals.But we will continue to follow this up all the way, and we will appreciate feedback and suggestions on what we can do from you and the rest of the branch.

Thanks again for your email and best of luck to you and your collegues.

Best regards, Reber Iversen, Political advisor, SVs parlamentary group’