…and it takes time, and maybe a different kind of education, for a European to find out that the world has very different ways of normal, friendly behaviour, and different parts of life in which one is easily offended. 
Also, I believe that every culture has to have a mental opening towards the rest of the world, you cannot close a country culturally 100%.

I totally agree that each country or culture needs to protect their ways of living, arts, music, etc, but not 100%. No single culture has the answers to all human questions.

I also think…18th and 19th Centuries or earlier or later saw the cultural formation of many, most, European countries, and in order to do this properly it must have been necessary to exaggerate, as we humans regularly do. We can still, today, love the Marseillaise or national symbols of any kind in any country, but by now they ought to be etablished well enough to be fairly safe. If they are not, we discuss and there are conflicts, which we have to solve.

I would also not like the idea that France should not be French or Switzerland not Swiss and so on – but I feel this is neither necessary nor functional 100% today.

Think that thought, that maybe also some other old truths have to be kept, but also not 100%, and see what comes out of that.