You know, Don, 

what you’re doing right now is not…sound.

It’s easy to fall into a slight fit of paranoia these days.

Many different people are standing against each other.

There is suddenly contact across lines that are normally kind of closed.

I mean in society.

There is sometimes real conflict, but there is also a lot of misunderstandings, about how the system actually works, about how other people think.

The people that you hate.

The people that you love to mock.

I mean, everyone has an idea of a laughing stock.

The people that mess up everything.

A lot of us talk like that now and then.

And…it may be that some of those words have some truth to them once in a while, but then again, it may also be that they are wrong.

And how true are your words? How wrong?

I think, when I am not too upset…that it depends, you actually have to check each time, in each situation.

You may have suspicions…but you still have to check and argue and discuss with others.

To use violence…not good.

There will be another election.

And another one.

There is still freedom of speech.

I hope so.

You didn’t win that election.


Sorry, mate.

You lost, by the total count also, and the number of electors.

There may be tricks and rotten things in politics, but the technical side of this election does not look like one of them to me.

And basically, it is not right to say that the whole system sucks.

Parts of it, certainly.

But not the whole thing.

So…couldn’t you just…pack it in?

There are rules in democracy which at a given point simply stops you from doing things, whether you are right or not.

Because otherwise the system would break down.

This is such a point.

You did some good things, be happy with that.

And you messed up other things.

I think the only way to get out of this…kind of properly right now, if possible, is to tell us all what you actually wanted to do as a president, and to what extent you feel you have done it.

And then leave.

Also because…I don’t always get it.

I disagree with you in many things, and I think you’re sometimes outright wrong, for instance when it comes to the climate thing, and racism. In total, I’m not sure where you wanted your country to go, but I also don’t follow every issue or every topic in politics.  “Make America great again”…that doesn’t mean much to me. In my opinion, seen from Europe – America, the USA, has always had too much faith in themselves, and my suspicion is, the reason is that in some way, I don’t know which, the reason is that you have too little belief in yourself.

Politically, that is where it comes out.

Privately – I’m not talking about that.

But actually, it seemed you managed to do something about that, internationally.

If this is true, it is not bad.


There was no war against Iran, and I think you didn’t start any wars elsewhere?

Well, it is kind of spectacular.

This is how it should be, I mean…peace, but how it should be is certainly not always how things are.

Maybe the US has shown a great side of itself after all.

But what is going on right now…

You did some things.

But you lost the election.

It is time to leave.

The name of this game is democracy.

It is also about letting go of power simply because the people, the majority, in a normal election, tells you to do so, within the system that the people has made to handle power. 

Even if the system is not perfect, no system is, it seems to have worked normally.

This is what has happened to you, I think, right now.

You should ask forgiveness for some things, actually quite a few at this point.

Politics. It’s not only about power, you know.

The last weeks, months, of your…work has been in the beginning ridiculous, then disastrous.

Time to call it a day.