The meatballs:

400 g minced meat (one package of normal kjøttdeig if you are in Norway)

one egg

one clove of garlic, in pieces, warmed in the fat a couple of minutes

Maldon salt

dried tarragon

A pinch of a Kurdish spice mix which I got from a neighbour. I have two types, and both smells, I think, of cumin, and different other things

a generous amount of Tabasco sauce

In the frying-pan:


olive oil

Tabasco sauce

dried sage

Today we had normal spaghetti with the meatballs, you use what you like of pasta or whatever you have on the shelf

In the cooking water of the spaghetti: sea salt and a pinch of dried sage.

Eating spaghetti with almost anything I think started on my part when I was a student in Tromsø, and probably, the habits with spice also.

This is an everyday meal in my house, with whatever spices I fancy that day, or what I think that we need right now.

Warm the butter etc a little before you fry the meatballs.

In the minced meat, just mix the egg, garlic and the spices with a spatula or wooden spoon, make balls with the hand and fry them in the fat, not too hot, to avoid burning the sage.