For those of you who do not read Norwegian, or who understand both English and Norwegian:

Things are happening in the relation between the “immigrants” and the “Norwegians” in Oslo.

The Progress Party has been talking for many years about “Swedish conditions” – according to them a surplus of violence and “trouble which the foreigners bring with them” – and to counter this they have argued in favour of laws that are unlawful, double sentence in particular areas etc, things that has been done in Denmark.

They managed to get an extra 50 million kr to the Oslo police for the purpose of “curbing the gang problem”.

This problem has been a marginal one until now.

Now Jon Helgheim, the party’s spokesman for immigration, is leading a campaign which I consider racist and violent. More news about confrontations between young people and the police are being published. Until now Oslo has been a fairly quiet and peaceful place.

He is shouting about a problem that he and his party is in the process of creating.

They have a sense of reality that is so slanted on this, they end up aggravating small problems and then blaming “mainstream society” for something big.

I would recommend everyone interested to read the news with my comments in mind, in other ways seek information about this, from other sources, and please, comment where and when it is practical.

From being a city with a peaceful coexistence, there are forces in play, mostly actually from outside the city, who want conflict, and who are prepared to use unlawful legislation to deal with matters they hardly know anything about.

They do this out of their own private assumptions, mainly built up from the outside of Oslo, which hardly match reality.

Their ideas and methods are authoritarian.

This piece of news tells about a confrontation between young people and the police, with a comment from Jon Helgheim on top.

Oslo is not a dangerous city and never was.

By the way, Jon Helgheim lives in Drammen, not in Oslo.