The kind of recipe or dessert the kids made when they were younger, maybe still do. 

A few pieces of Freia milk chocolate

A little of Hennig Olsen’s ice stick with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate coating (the Crème series)

a few teaspoons of demerara sugar

a little ginger beer 

Put everything in a small bowl.


I had planned this slightly different, but you take whatever is in the fridge etc, that’s cheaper and probably a little more eco-friendly. Or buy this if you want to and need it.

For grown-ups, ginger beer with alcohol would probably be nice, but today I could only get hold of the old-fashioned type which I used to drink when I was a kid myself. Still tastes good, I think, as does the more “modern” stuff.

Liquour and ice is always a treat, and this is not quite tried out until I’ve done it with an alcohol variant of the ginger beer.