I dare say…that many have been afraid to speak freely under the spell of Carl-I. Hagen and his friends in the Progress Party. It has been a growing level of intimidating or manipulative language, simple thinking and often no listening to others at all. Politics is often a fight, but there are democratic rules, or used to be, and many of them have been broken or changed by this party and by the Conservatives, who used them as an alliance partner in government (or the other way round) and the Conservatives ended up acting and thinking very much like the Progress Party.

They are in many ways not really democratic neither in attitude nor in politics.

As I say, I don’t believe anyone can do everything wrong, but it remains to sort out what we want to keep of all the things that have been done here, both the Progress Party and the Conservatives have been in government for the last 8 years and was replaced only now, in the September election.

Here is a taste of Carl-Ivar Hagen, for those who understand Norwegian, or just take in the theatre.