I have trouble understanding how the US can believe that they “represent the free world”, and that their borders goes to Moscow, from everywhere in the world.

The USA, the way it has behaved internationally my whole life and longer (1963) does certainly not represent me. Their notions about freedom does not always coincide with my ideas about freedom. I believe many Americans are freer than myself in some ways, and less free in other ways. Russians the exact same, Chinese, wherever people come from, they have things they can freely think and freely do, sometimes I cannot think and do the same things because my culture is tight in its own ways.

Other things are taboo for some people, sometimes they are not taboo in my culture. 

But we have our stupid things as well.

From this comes joy and trouble. That’s human…

This is culture, and it differs around the globe what these things are – simply how people live.

It is simply not right that USA is the most free country in the world. Money and morality seem to be two obvious problem areas in American society.

Not to mention…defense.

Every country has its problems. 

Other sides of American culture are much more enjoyable.

The people, the music.

Russia, too, of course, has its problems.

And friendliness.

Hospitality, culture.

To start cooperation with others by showing respect, in practice and in the mind…I think it is the most sensible way of dealing with each other.

And the most sensible way of dealing with trouble, when it occurs.

It is necessary to deal with trouble.

When cultures meet, it may happen.

But to solve problems between people, you need time.


The acceptance of the fact that you may not have the solution when you start talking to someone.

You may not even know quite what is the problem.

You may think you know, but give a problem time, give your…”opponent” time to listen, time to talk, and listen again, and do the same yourself…the idea of the problem will probably change.

Maybe the whole thing.

Misunderstandings occur.

Especially when there is no talking going on.

That is dangerous.

And when there is no real talking or listening.

No respect which goes beyond one’s own ideas.

No openness.

Some problems may even solve themselves pretty easily, because you didn’t push matters which you knew for sure.

Because you didn’t know for sure.

Maybe a thing that was extremely important to you was less important to the one you are talking to.

In which case, maybe to change things a little would not be so difficult for the other.

The same may be the case for yourself.

A trifle for you, a mass of problems for your neighbour.

Also, everybody possess stupidity.

So be a little patient.

You cannot expect another person, even less another country, to follow your way of dealing with the issues of freedom and how to organise a society – just like that.


That’s totally unacceptable.

It regularly leads to war or oppression.

Some of your truths do not apply to other’s lives.

Some do.

But to say what’s what – it takes time, respect and discussion.

Weapons are for killing, not for negotiating anything.

Game over.

Discussion over, when you fire.

Both USA and Russia has had their “backyard”.

I don’t know much more to say about that…neither of the countries have the right to be empires.

Both try and tried to be one. Russia once was an empire, the USA in reality also, even if on paper it didn’t look that way.