It’s strange and almost scary to hear Mr Biden talk. He seems almost as confused as Donald Trump in some awkward moments.

There is still a…fight, quarrel, going on, between many groups and people in today’s pretty new and changed public life. It’s of course a new thing that I can sit here in Norway and comment on world politics with so much information at hand. This access to media for everyone of course makes way for new voices, which often have not enough knowledge about the things they comment on. There is a lot of shitty commenting going on, too.

But at the same time, it becomes very visible how different our thinking is, people from top to bottom of society and across a lot of borders among people. Not all new comments or commentators are stupid, or not stupid all the way, and the attitudes of people as opposed to establishment had always been, I think, basically against war. I kind of relaxed after Donald Trump was not re-elected, and Joe Biden may have been good for the US so far in certain matters, maybe many. I don’t follow all the news. But the fact hat the US once again pretty fast got tangled up in conflict abroad makes me of course uneasy, since this happens not that far from where I live, but also…what’s the English word, resigned? Do you actually think you have the solution to how a society should be run, across the globe of so many diffferent cultures?

I have never been to the US, actually I have hardly been out of Europe, but these days any city is an international one, at least Oslo is and I think many Norwegian towns and places you can meet people from all over the world. I have been curious, some times even too much, but I’m learning things. Freedom is certainly not a US speciality more than a German one, Azerbaijani, Italian, Chinese. There are problems relating to freedom everywhere, and there is space to breathe, to meet friends, to relate to family. Cultures grow, they have grown differently across the world always, and today we all meet, in person because people move or flee from trouble, or on the Internet, which boils like a million pots of soup every day, nice things, crazy things, lies and truth.

It is not possible today to claim the ownership of truth, one has to be careful not to upset too many, whenever you say something you pour it actually not in a pot, but a sieve, you have absolutely no idea where it ends up. And for the same reason one should think again, not rush to the joystick and shoot, and one should be as true and as calm as possible. Truth and good will spread as easily as lies and aggression, and may create solutions instead of problems.

I love Americans, normally because of sponaneity and enthusiasm, friendliness, of course, the easy access to talking wth them, positive curiosity and when you actually meet in person, the ability to listen. I don’t like all the export goods that come along, McDonald’s burgers, too much business thinking and business life’s obsession with money, and of course I don’t like the “World Police” badge which your government – or some of you? have put on.

There is, of course, not only McDonald’s coming from over there, there is creole food, jazz of a thousand kinds, I even understood the American symphonic music at last, there is pancakes for breakfast, great beer, actually the idea of good burgers, there is real taco from the southwest, bluegrass music, fiddle and banjo which I just love, there is Rachel Harrington (check her out if you haven’t), 2 mill. singer-songwriters, poisining pidgeons in the park and these are only some of my favourites.

There is probably a power balance in the world which I don’t know everything about, but it seems more and more to belong in an old world which has nothing to do with new generations’ ways of thinking, mostly people younger than me (I’m 58), but I believe many here, and there must be many in the States too, who just enjoy friendship and relations across any human border, at least as a principle, and totally opposed to attitudes that sometimes seep out here too, that “well, selfishness is not easy to avoid, y’know”, coming usually from safe quarters of people who have employed a certain selfishness themselves, one may think. I mean moneywise.

What I mean to say is, make that balance not military, but political.

That is, I think, a cry from the new generation.

And from me.

In the meantime…I’ll listen to Rachmaninoff again, Mussorgskij, Tchaikovskij, I’ll practice some of it too, maybe I’ll make a borstsj one day, it’s a long time since a friend made a big pot for a big party, blinis were not bad even in my kitchen, as I recall it, some folk songs have reached us, also through a fantastic Swedish jazz musician, Jan Johansson, that’s really old recordings, but fantastic stuff. I love Russians for their generosity and love towards artists and musicians (and of course, towards music and art), their knowledge and education, and because they sometimes know more about art from my own country than I do.

They are beautiful people. I can see when I write that I know less about Russian culture and art than I thought, of course we had things like babusjka figures (inside one another), the beautiful scarves for women…touristic, sure, but still… The sound of Russia is in my mind, the seriousness of the music, the deep voice from the bottom of the soul, coming out as beauty.

Every culture has its shitty moments or ways, but I’m not going to mention that in the middle of war preparations on both sides. We need friendliness, negotiations, when it is necessary in politics, and time is essential when it comes to matters of peace, that must be right. Try making friends with someone, it takes some time, usually. Try to hit someone, or yell, it takes seconds and destroys your relationship with the other person for a long time.

I have some experience with that last thing too, and I’m not proud.