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The Selfish Idealist


Freedom has been on everybody’s lips for decades, actually a century and more, and changes in the way of life have been going on for the better. 

But we are not completely peaceful beings, and increased freedom calls for responsible behaviour. There is violence and violent reactions to it, and increasing oppression going on and on its way, I believe in all countries, and right now ought to be a time for thinking and talking rather than rash action.

Summer evening...Oslo.

Songs from Russia and N.America

Uncategorised Posted on 27 Apr, 2022 01:44

A prelude by Sergei Rachmaninoff (D major, op. 23 no. 4) played by Lazar Berman.

Jean Ritchie, one of the greatest American folk singers.

Some of this is very much related in style to the Rumanian singing that was kind of famous here in the 80s-90s. At least we certainly noticed it when I was a music student in Tromsø.

New piano improvisation

My own music Posted on 27 Apr, 2022 01:38

The necessity of making peace, right now.