Ginger beer at Fuglen…The Bird, in Pilestredet.

I had had enough coffee for a little while, and thought, ok, why not buy one of those new soda types, they often taste good, and some of them are made pretty close to where you buy it, so less transport and less CO2 out into the air.

But this was actually mixed on the spot, with a ginger extract which the bar/coffee shop also made themselves.

No alcohol in the drink, but a lot of lime, it tasted almost like my mother’s lemonade, yeah, from my childhood, which is…I guess tradition, but this one with a clear twist of something else, ginger, which makes it into…something new at the same time, for me.

I love that mix.

Feet on the ground, head in the sky.

Probably the reason for all that coffee that we drink, too, and of course, getting fairly drunk in a normal way is also a possible escape when you need to be somewhere else than only on the ground.

Pilestredet, where the café Fuglen is, is one of those street names which are remnants of Denmark, the »Danish times», as we sometimes say, pil meaning willow, et strede is a street, but a word which hasn’t been in everyday Norwegian language since I don’t know quite when. Long ago, when written language here was also basically Danish.

I love Denmark.

For a joke I sometimes say that Norway stretches from Svalbard to the Canary Islands, because of vacation, I would almost say, in two very different senses of the word, but you have to include Copenhagen as part of a Norwegian cultural sphere, I think the city still functions as our extra garden, an easy getaway from Oslo, at least, and I spend my money there always in a good mood, I really don’t care that they may go fast, because the Danes are always nice to you.

At home in a different fashion.

After the ginger beer I feel refreshed, the trend of mixing healthy and entertaining I wish to applaude, besides the unhealthy things that are always there anyway.

Better to survive just a little longer.

There are actually birds outside of the café, sparrows, quick and fun and tidy animals, cleaning tables a little.

I know that making that ginger extract is also a science…I met some people once who were into that world.

Life just a little below the surface.