I am asking in ignorance, but I don’t understand why the US has the need and the right to have military bases more or less all over the world.

The Founding Fathers are presented, in Wikipedia, ok, but still, as national heroes.

That’s normal as part of history writing from the time a nation is new, and as identity building, anywhere.

But this job ought to be more or less done by now, or what?

I don’t question the existence of the USA, but I have some doubts…about the justice or fairness, or necessity, of The American…United States of the World.

You don’t represent us all, sorry.

Are the military expenses a holy cow in American politics? You spend more per capita and in total than anyone. It would probably even be an important contribution to the solving of the climate problems – reducing your spending on soldiers and missiles etc.

The »Mayflower» had on board religious dissenters, from Britain.

What role does this cultural fact play in the US, your way of thinking, of how you see yourself?

I know too little…but what, in reality, did the founding fathers try to escape? Did they succeed, or is this part of a still ongoing project?

I believe many native American tribes were warriors. Again, I am ignorant, sorry, but did this affect your American culture?

The talk of »security issues» very easily slides into war these days.

The cultural impact of the USA is mixed. There is the world of jazz, which has made my life richer, more colourful, fun. I left some of it for some reason, as a musician, but I am coming back, it is a huge part of my musical life.

There is the world of entertainment nonsense, which I enjoy as long as we’re talking about the part of it that I like, and maybe not too much. I love going to fairs, circus, eating too expensive candy, enjoying an evening firework…not all of this originated in the US, but there is a connection to some of it.

If you believe that a joke is just a joke, and take serious talk only seriously, you have understood little of both.

Danish words, written by Piet Klein, author and mathematician, those words and some others by him used to be very famous in my country, and more elegantly formed in the original version than here.

A gun, on the other hand…is not a joke.