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When you do things for yourself, do you have to be destructive towards the world? Life can be made fairly good both for you and for the rest of us.

Maybe you'll not only help out, but even give everybody a good laugh from time to time.

View of Ringsaker, near Lillehammer.

Music by Fikret Amirov

Uncategorised Posted on 14 Oct, 2020 04:14

The classical music of Azerbaijan, of which I have heard only a few pieces, is very interesting to me as a European and a Norwegian, not only because of its natural, sometimes gypsy-like beauty and the obvious connection to folk music. Living in the country of Edvard Grieg I am of course well aquainted with this mix.

I also somehow feel that the music solves problems in a romantic idiom on a higher level of emotional tension than I am used to, which makes it…useful sounds stupid, but necessary to me, because normally these problems, themes, issues, would probably be treated and presented in another musical form, another genre.

Amirov is one of the greats of Azerbaijan. He lived from 1922 to 1984, which makes this music a little out of pace with what we normally conceive as the romantic period. This is maybe the reason for what I said above, the interesting treatment of themes I would suspect belonged in a different context.

I know the soloist a little, she lives and works here in Norway.


Uncategorised Posted on 25 Sep, 2020 02:32

I feel nervous posting a thing like…that video. Just underneath. I don’t want…war. Absolutely not.

I noticed the other day, from coincidentally reading some US form to fill in, that race was a category you had to tick off, which one you belonged to. I don’t have that form in front of me right now, but I think that was what it said.

I am not English nor American, so the intricacies of some expressions are of course not always available to me, all the meanings and thoughts connected to them. But I thought human race didn’t exist. We don’t look all the same, and culture is sometimes an issue these days, but biologically we’re the same, I thought so.

It’s easy to criticize others, to solve their problems. 

We all have…issues.

But public dialogue is turning pretty international, and it’s many times difficult not to react even if one doesn’t know the context of everything.

One difficulty is perhaps judging the consequences of something that is happening somewhere else, somewhere you don’t live and don’t belong, not like a local. 


But still.

The world…is not disappearing, civilisation is not coming to an end or something. 

I don’t believe that.

But sometimes things happen which makes me completely numb. It’s too much.

Sometimes I do things too, that makes me feel the same way. My private life is not an easy one.

But this is about politics, society, not private issues.

I’ve had it with us and them when it comes to basically, being human.

Political views is one thing, to disagree…

Discussions won’t stop. That’s ok, in a way.

But sometimes discussions come to a peak point.

The test of tolerance and friendliness is not offered us in a calm atmosphere.

The test comes when things get difficult.

Then you have to improvise, and at same time remember ideals from calmer times.

You have to crush a few eggs…

Politics is not a tea party…

Talk like that sounds like you have left the path of trying.

You have let go, you have let aggression rule your thought too much.

You know that you’re right.

Maybe you even know that you’re not an asshole.

If you say and think such things…

Sometimes I know that I act as an asshole.

Sometimes I discover things after quite a ẃhile.

I get angry too, but I know even then in the top of my head that there is a distance between an idea that I have in my head…and what should be done with it.

That’s why it’s necessary to listen to others.

Remember that no human alive knows everything.

That also deprives us the right of doing…anything.

To really know your neighbour, to know that you have the right to…pressure her…pressure him.

Use violence.

When society uses violence.

That’s even another thing, and more serious.

If that’s the conclusion, it sounds to me as if you should normally think again.

There is no such thing as race in the human world. We have the same skin, the same bones, the same feelings.

There is nature, geography, there is culture, traditions, the breaking of traditions…

We’re also different in many ways.

And alike.

We have to live with that combination.

So if you want peace, try again. If that doesn’t work, listen to someone once more. Read something else. Get some new ideas from somewhere.

I can say this even if many think I can’t. I am a stubborn guy, not easy to live with. I do and say stupid things too.

But politics is not the same as one’s private life even if there are connections.

This is…

Uncategorised Posted on 25 Sep, 2020 00:56

Warning, as one says…the content…

I can hardly watch this.


What…is happening in your country?

What are…you doing?